Wednesday, October 22, 2014



CSM (Retired) Al Mckoy

Senior Army Instructor, Union High School AJROTC


The accolades continue to mount for the Union High School JROTC Program this School Year. On 13 April 2013, the UHS JROTC’s 85th Army Cadet Battalion marched in this year’s Azalea Festival Parade as the unit has done for the past eighteen years. Marching in parades is a required part of the Army JROTC’s core curriculum, so that was all that UHS had intended to accomplish.  In the past, only the local Wilmington JROTC Programs were allowed to compete for best overall drill unit and the runner up/second place unit.  This year the judges that were provided by the SENCLAND Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America decided to open the event up to all JROTC marching units and Union High School was judged to be the second best marching unit in this year’s parade.  Mr. Edward Holmes, Union High School Principal presented the plaque to CSM Mckoy and c/LTC Rogelio Bonilla on Saturday night at their Annual Military Ball and Awards Banquet.   


The other JROTC units participating in the parade  this year were North Brunswick High School, North Myrtle Beach High School, New Hanover High School, Hoggard High School (1st place winner), Laney High School, Ashley High School, South Brunswick High School, Whiteville High School, Pender High School, and Heide Trask High School. These programs highlighted all branches of military service, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.


This has truly been an outstanding year of accomplishments for Union High School’s JROTC program.




Cadet 1LT Kelly McQueen

Public Affairs Officer


Union High School’s JROTC Program has been busy so far this year. We kicked off the year with the Saber Team performance at Union High’s Homecoming game on September 28. The next day, the drill team traveled to Scotland High School in Laurinburg, NC for our first drill meet of the school year. The team participated in Color Guard, squad with arms, squad without arms, regulation individual, individual exhibition, and exhibition squad without arms. Everyone put their best effort in and brought home three trophies; third place in squad with arms, third place in squad without arms, and third place regulation individual.


On October 6th the 85th JROTC Battalion marched in the Garland Rotary Parade. Cadets Logan Hobbs, Tyler Pruitt, Dale Overton, and Treshon Highsmith had the honor of leading the parade as the main Color Guard.


The JROTC program conducted our first of many fun trips on October 13th, we traveled to Raleigh, NC to the State Fair where cadets and their guests had a day of fun. On October 20th the 85th JROTC Battalion traveled to Harrells, NC to march in the Harrells Community Day Parade. The drill team traveled to Sanford, NC on October 27th for the Southern Lee Drill Meet where we won third place for squad with arms commanded by c/1LT Kaleb McLamb. The drill team provided the Color Guard for the Beta Club inductions at UHS on November 1st. On Friday, November 9th the drill team traveled to the Mary Gran Retirement Center in Clinton, NC to present and post the Colors and provide assistance with their Veterans Day program.


November 10th was a busy day for the 85th JROTC Battalion. We traveled to Warsaw for the Warsaw Veterans Day Parade, after which the drill team traveled to Dunn, NC and competed in the Triton High School’s Annual JROTC Drill Competition at the Dunn PAL. We won first place in Regulation Squad with Arms commanded by c/1LT Kaleb McLamb, first place in Platoon without Arms commanded by c/MAJ Kenneth McQueen, first place in Color Guard that was commanded by c/MAJ Logan Hobbs. We won second place in Squad without Arms commanded by c/CSM Marco Garcia, and we won third place in Platoon with Arms commanded by c/LTC Rogelio Bonilla and third place in Exhibition Squad without Arms commanded by c/1LT Kelly McQueen. The drill team also competed against themselves in knockout and c/CSM Marco Garcia won first place and a prize of twenty dollars.


The rifle team traveled to Lumberton, NC for a shoulder to shoulder rifle match at Lumberton Senior High School on November 14th. On November 17th the JROTC program took the cadets on a fun trip to the 34 Foot Jump Tower on Fort Bragg.



A Winning Legacy Continues(2011-2012)


Cadet Second Lieutenant Kelly McQueen

Union High School’s Army JROTC Program is accustomed to being a top notch unit, with many outstanding accomplishments to look back at and reveal in the glory.  The month of March 2012 was an exceptionally good addition to the program’s legacy.  The UHS program completed its Annual Inspection on 15 March 2012 with an outstanding 99% rating.  The unit scored 990 out of a possible 1000 points on their inspection. The only points that were deducted came from the in-ranks troop inspection questions (9 points) and one point from the Color Guard’s routine. This inspection result was achieved by all of the cadets putting forth an outstanding effort in all areas. 

On 17 March 2012, Union High School’s JROTC Drill Team traveled to Hoke County High School to compete and win in their final JROTC Drill Competition for the School Year.  The team entered seven regulation events, and won in all seven events.  The Armed Regulation Platoon that was commanded by Cadet Major Rogelio Bonilla won first place.  The Unarmed Regulation Platoon that was commanded by Cadet Captain Kenneth McQueen won first place.  The Color Guard, commanded by Cadet Captain Logan Hobbs won first place.  The Unarmed Regulation Squad that was commanded by Cadet Second Lieutenant Kaleb McLamb also won first place. Cadet Major Rogelio Bonilla won second place in the Knock Out Competition where individual cadets get to show their proficiency in regulation drill.  Cadet Major Rogelio Bonilla and Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Jesus Serrano collaborated on the Regulation Individual with Arms event and won third place.  Rogelio called the commands and Jesus performed.  The Regulation Armed Squad was commanded by Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Jesus Serrano and won third place.  

The drill team members that competed in the Hoke County Drill Competition were: c/LTC Jesus Serrano; c/CSM Marco Garcia; c/MAJ Rogelio Bonilla; c/CPT Amber Futrell; c/CPT Logan Hobbs; c/CPT Kenneth McQueen; c/1LT Joshua Martinez; c/2LT Kaleb McLamb; c/2LT Maria Peres; c/2LT Elizabeth Martinez; c/2LT Deisy Flores; c/2LT Kelly McQueen; c/SFC Kenny Moran-Fuentes; c/SGT De’Angello Wilson, and c/PVT Larissa Garcia.

CSM Mckoy, the UHS Drill Team Coach commended the team on their outstanding accomplishments not only for this competition but for their successful efforts all year. He then took the entire team to Golden Corral for a delicious meal. The team competed in five different drill competitions this year and brought home eleven trophies.  Way to go Union.  HOOAH!!